Never a dull moment with Inspired Living!

A great turn out on Sunday despite it being quite a chilly morning.


We had 18 riders set out from Hursley for a largely uneventful ride to West Meon where things got a bit more exciting. Firstly we were (rightly!) confronted by a – should we say – ‘senior’ local resident for riding the wrong way up a short one-way street. Having blagged our way past her the local young bouncer (only about 70 years old) then had a go at us! He didn’t seem to appreciate that our whole group had missed the one-way sign (to the best of my knowledge anyway). Eventually we arrived at the café only to receive a mini ticking off for not letting them know a large group would be dropping in. Oh my! Anyway we had a pleasant stop in the sunshine and eventually we all got coffees and cakes. West Meon is a lovely village and the cafe is excellent; if we just do everything by the book next time I’m sure they’ll let us past the barricades.

Excitement over for the day 11 returned to Hursley by the most direct route and 7 proceeded via the South Downs undulations to Alton. However, Pete’s derailleur decided to jump into his spoke and rip the hanger off! He was last seen awaiting rescue by Pippa near Alton Abbey. Perhaps you’re still there Pete and have joined the chanting Abbotts?! A lesson relearned for the Home-to-Rome ride – everyone should take a spare derailleur hanger since they are unique to each bike. The ride was quite tough at times but well done everyone!

It’s the Isle of Wight Randonnee next Sunday 1 May and the Hampshire Hilly Hundred the following weekend. Plenty of opportunities to get some miles (and hills!) in your legs. Enjoy! 🙂


Should be dry this Sunday so we’ll see you there!

Again we have two distances, 40 miles and 63 miles. Both routes start from Hursley Park, SO21 2JN, at 8.30am on Sunday 24th, heading down Poles Lane then through Colden Common, Owslebury, Lane End, Kilmeston and West Meon (about 20 miles), where there is a cafe tucked behind the shop. The shorter route turns round here heading to Warnford and back via Owslebury. The longer route heads to East Meon, Bordean, High Cross, Selborne, Medstead, Alresford, Easton and Winchester. I’d suggest anyone planning to do the longer route brings energy bars since I’m not sure of shops after West Meon. Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it for a great ride on Sunday. Mike.



Dorset Coast 200k ride Sunday 3 April

A tale from Mike Spencer (even the experienced forget their spares!)

Rain was forecast for all afternoon but in the end it only rained quite late, after 5pm. The scenery was wonderful as ever and the weather mostly pleasant. Guy (Rafferty) and Rob (Jordan) were great company and very tolerant! My rear gear cable snapped after 30 miles or so. We wedged the chain in one of the middle gears and clamped the cable so I could reach down to hold it in the bottom gears for climbs. This worked well until Abbotsbury hill when I released the cable towards the top of the climb (back ache) and stood on the pedals only for the chain to break, twice !!!, due to extra pressure I guess. Anyway we limped around often with Guy and Rob offering a little shelter as my legs spun faster than I ever thought they could. Thank you gentlemen! Oh and I had a puncture too!

Still smiling despite the mishaps!
Still smiling despite the mishaps!

This all pushed us to the very back of the ride and we finished in the rain and dark about 8pm. We arrived in good spirits and thanks again to Guy and Rob for sticking with me.

Highlights of the day were meeting Mrs Loakes (other half of the organiser Mr “sandles”) knitting socks at Axminster who checked us in (there were only six riders due after us) and crumble with custard in Dorchester – oh yes!

Lastly the guy who is running the new 200k in May from Romsey was selling it to us at one of the stops. Let’s see if we can do that as an IL squad and make it uneventful!

Cheers all!