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Inspired Living is a UK Charity Committee raising funds and awareness for Cancer Research UK, with the following aims:

  1. To inspire ordinary men & women to adopt healthier lifestyles to reduce their risk of contracting cancer.
  2. To raise £1 million for Cancer Research UK.

“We want to show that ordinary people can do extraordinary things”

Why are we doing this?

  1. Cycling is a metaphor for life – we are all on a journey
  2. Fighting the adversity of cancer with positivity
  3. To promote the compelling health messages – diet, exercise and lifestyle factors
  4. Improved nutrition and an increase in activity reduces the risk of cancer and stroke.
The story so far

Since we started in 2009, we have organised a number of cycling activities, both short distance mass rides and long duration rides around various parts of Europe, plus other events such as gala dinners. In the process we have raised over £300,000 for Cancer Research UK :

2009 – Inspired Living was established

2010 – 33 cyclists (and support crew) from Winchester to Gibraltar coordinated with a ‘mass ride’ where over 200 riders cycle from Winchester to Portsmouth

2011 – 14 cyclists (and support crew) Italy ‘Top to Toe’

2012 – 31 cyclists (and support crew) from Andover to Venice

2014 – 50 Cyclists (and support crew) from Melksham to Monte-Carlo

2016 – 50 Cyclists (and support crew) from Winchester to Rome

2019 – Barcelona…. Please look here for more information



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